Diabetes, Et Cetera

we're in this together


I am an experienced public speaker with a passion for suggesting new and creative avenues of thought, and for drawing connections between seemingly unrelated things (what could a dating guide, for example, teach us about creating more productive conversations in a healthcare setting?). Having taught everything from Latin and math to creative writing and ice-skating, I am used to addressing a wide range of audiences about a wide range of topics in an engaging way.

Sample speaking topics include (but are by no means limited to):

  • providing a patient’s perspective on the physical, emotional and financial (and insurance-related) burdens of living with a constantly demanding chronic disease
  • new ways for healthcare providers to engage with patients that are productive and satisfying for both sides
  • the huge benefits delivered to patients by new diabetes technologies and medications (an expression of thanks to those in the field)
  • what the next generation of diabetes technologies and data management systems should look like — from a patient’s perspective (translating “big data” into useful information)
  • how lessons from diabetes can be applied to other healthcare settings
  • how to develop marketing messages and communications strategies that connect with the patients they’re meant to serve
  • what diabetes education looks like now — and how to make it better

I also lead writing workshops on a number of diabetes- and medicine-related topics, including:

  • using writing (both public and private) to cope with the emotional challenges of diabetes
  • helping scientific researchers and medical professionals translate their work to a non-expert audience

I was honored to be included in the 10th anniversary video of the UCSF Diabetes Center, produced by Kikim Media.