Diabetes, Et Cetera

we're in this together

Diabetes is, in many ways, a knowledge- and data-driven disease. As such, the more effectively information can be shared, the better the results will be for everyone involved. And yet the world of diabetes is fraught with communications failures, including poorly researched news articles, misdirected marketing and advertising campaigns, ineffective educational efforts, doctors and researchers losing their patients in jargon, policy makers underestimating the impact their decisions have on patients’ lives, and patients not recognizing (or effectively sharing) the wisdom and insights they’ve earned from having to live 24/7 with such a demanding and exhausting disease.

As a teacher and journalist, I specialize in communication and engagement — and I feel passionately about applying my background and training to the world of diabetes. Good communication is essential if we want to  foster productive dialogues, encourage new communications strategies, and disseminate information in a clear and meaningful way. Below are some examples of my own diabetes-related writing.